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Anonymous sent:

So I've been rewatching qaf on Netflix and I know all about the music change and have been pretty alright with it, but it was annoying to watch the prom dance today without Save the Last Dance for Me. I was just wondering if you or your followers could tell me if a few others are changed on Netflix, since I know not all of them are. Do you know if Lover's Spit (Reunion scene), The Nothing Song (Brian with the Justin look a like prostitute), and Ambition (last sex scene) are kept the same or?

Hi there anon,

My sincerest apologies for taking so long to answer your question. 

I finally got the chance to access Netflix this evening and it appears that “Lover’s Spit” is still included, but the other two (“The Nothing Song” and “Ambition”) have been changed.   What a shame.  I adore those songs and the replacements they used aren’t nearly as effective *sigh* 

Sorry to disappoint, but I hope that helps answer your question :)


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