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Anonymous sent:

Yeah I think it also has to do with the fact that Gale has always seemed a bit shy, cause he had a twitter before this one but it was private, even though he would add everyone that requested him and even interact with fans(including someone pretending to be him which was the best part) Gale also has a Vine and an instagram. The Vine is public but he only posted one video and the instagram is private.

Ofcourse he’s always been private and reserved.

And honestly? It suits him. He is who he is and he doesn’t lie about it. I like that about him.

OTP meme → TWO COLORS [1/2] Blue

once--upon--a--fangirl sent:

What is Gale's twitter?

Here it is


Anonymous sent:

I'm confused. Was Gale "closed off" to his fans before this convention? He has that right, but considering all of the love the show gets nearly a decade after its conclusion, I find it surprising that it took so much time for him to know how much he's respected and adored -- any insight?

He’s always been a very private person, which is absolutely his right. I think he still is. I doubt people change overnight (and he shouldn’t change). He doesn’t share much personal information now either, which he shouldn’t if he’s not comfortable with that. But now he’s gotten a fb page and twitter and interacts more with fans. So he’s defo more “out there” which is only very awesome for the fans.

Could be because he’s gotten more airtime on prime time tv (desperate housewives, hellcats, …) and that being online helps his carreer. I don’t doubt he knows his worth in the acting world, with his skills, he should know he’s respected but perhaps he just simply did not like the public aspect of it. Like Randy, he doesn’t like that stuff too. They’re not like Hal, Scott or Michelle who really love being online and using social media to interact with people.

But the love at conventions can’t hurt. Remember that it’s extraordinary that a decade after its conclusion, people WANT a convention and there’s even talk about a movie. That nearly doesn’t happen. Ever.

For all its faults, we’re part of an extraordinary fandom who has breathed life into something long gone.

It’s damned amazing.

As to why the sudden turn around, I can only guess. It’s not in my place to say something. I can only applaud it. It’s nice hearing something from the Folkers once in a while :)

xxx D

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mallorytoyourmickey replied to your post: “Gale Harold is on facebook now \o/”:
He’s really opened up to fans, I wonder if his positive convention experience made this happen.

I got the same vibe :)
But what I REALLY want to know is where his ice bucket challenge vid is ;)

Kidding aside, it’s great he’s getting more recognition. He’s got so much talent and more people should be aware of it.
Then again, ALL Folkers are pretty damned talented :)
xxx D

Gale Harold is on facebook now


drjules64 sent:

Hey! I just gif'd Hal's ice bucket challenge. Sorry the quality isn't great.

You’ve just made me the happiest girl on tumblr :)

Thank you. It’s been a shitty week so this put a smile right on my face :D


xxx D

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if someone manages to gif Hal’s ice angel , I’d be eternally grateful