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Scott Lowell commercial


Happy Birthday Aidan Gillen! (24th April 1968)

Happy birthday, Dean Armstrong!

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Justin Taylor + Jackets

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Does anyone know where we can find a gifset of this scene?

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Anonymous sent:

I read the article about IanxMickey and Brian/Justin, the one that Randy retweeted recently. Was their relationship as fucked up as the article says? I know Randy didn't like some things and even now, he doesn't believe they survived but... When I see them... I just don't think they were in an abusive relationship or something. They had an abussive relationship? Whyyyyy? I've lived in a lie? True love, like I like to think they had (have) doesn't exist?

I didn’t read the article but I’m aware of the fact that Randy Harrison himself was pretty critical of their relationship. And the abuse thing I’ve heard many times from many people.

And I understand it. There are some elements of abuse. Not physical abuse, but more emotional. Especially the first 2 seasons when Justin kept running after Brian and Brian toyed with his emotions. He was either sweet to him and like a switch he could turn nasty. Justin was meant to follow Brian around, under the presumption of “love” and he was happy with the little bread crumbs Brian gave him. It’s an attachment issue that Brian has … which causes him to want Justin close, and then the closeness gets him scared, so he pushes him away in a manner that isn’t too friendly. The relationship isn’t very equal at that time. And if you look at the entire relationship, Justin put up with a lot of shit from Brian and in a way, no person should EVER degrade themselves for a lover. I’ve lost count of how many times Brian kicked Justin - a teenager who had no place to go - out of his flat.

That is also why Justin chose to leave Brian for Ethan. And at that time, I felt like Justin made the right call. Brian didn’t treat him with respect, more like a toy he could use whenever he wanted. And finally Justin got sick of it. We all know Brian cared, but the way he treated Justin was at time unacceptable. After Ethan, Brian seemed to accept Justin more as an equal but Justin had to put up with a lot to get him to that point. I can’t count the times that I’ve screamed at the screen “have some fucking dignity Justin!!!”

Ofcourse Brian did a lot of things that encouraged and nurtured Justin. Which is why I don’t believe that it was an abusive relationship, more like a dysfunctional relationship with 2 fucked up people that hurt each other out of their issues. But it’s bordering on … there’s something off about it and it was quite heartbreaking to see how many times Justin got hurt.

I wasn’t a big fan of their relationship in the first 2 seasons because it was more one-sided. But after his relationship with Ethan, I understand it more and see more potential. 

But in real life … I doubt anyone would or should put up with a lover like that. If he don’t treat you right, say bubye. You’re too precious for someone to beat you down.

And as far as true love goes … I believe it doesn’t exist period. I believe love exists and that if one works at it, you can stay in a relationship together. But true love … as in love that magically exists and 2 people are made for each other? Naaaaahh. That’s stuff for fairy tales.

Atleast … that’s my opinion. I’m sure plenty of people will disagree.

xxx D

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mighty mouse VS ben and godzilla (2x09)

QAF S4 Promos - Gale Harold & Randy Harrison (x)